Audacia Ausardia Boldness​​​​​

Day 2

Day Two of Impact Week brings together innovators, pioneers and anyone with the quixotic spirit to go up against giants.

Time to be bold!   


Panels put the spotlight on our network’s breakthroughs and the bold minds behind them. These ideas deserve discussion, debate and a diversity of viewpoints to show collaboration in action and put pioneering ideas in context.

The format intends to give space to the innovators and innovations of the impact space, with plenty of room for audience participation and networking around the boldest ideas.

Day 2 will be organised in 7 programme streams:

Mad Transition

Wait a minute – so, we take some rare black sludge out of the ground and put it in big flying tubes and rolling boxes to make them go? Call us crazy, but that doesn’t sound sustainable. In order to drive a just transition, we’re going to need to get serious and get specific about how social and environmental impact overlap. Join us to break down barriers between the two – a necessary step if we’re going to make the world less mad.

Bold Women

Gender lens investing can bring sanity to a system out of balance. Let’s get real about gaps and goals for gender equality. We’ll also celebrate the bold women of impact at the vanguard of transformative change.   


Bright Machines

Our track on tech for good unveils innovations grounded in a brighter, more inclusive future. Discussions around AI will take centre stage, as we show how technology can be a force for positive social and environmental change. 

Mad Creation

If culture reflects a world gone mad, this track steps into the mirror. Creativity, art, fashion, film, science and technology for impact are the focus. We’ll enter the realms where impact happens, looking at social design and creative spaces. And as for art that reflects the world as it should be, there will be plenty of that, too. 


Bold Advocacy  

If we’re going to manifest a thriving impact ecosystem, we need to get the ear of policymakers. That means getting bold and getting loud. We’ll share our Manifesto for Impact, deep dive on the policies shaping our work and engage directly with EU and national policymakers. 

Bright Numbers

Here’s a bold idea: let’s go from €80-100 billion to €1 trillion for impact in 10 years. Join us to talk about how to make it happen – including how we’ll mobilise capital from across the continuum.   

Mental Health

No pun here – the topic is too important. Gaps in mental health and wellbeing persist for many reasons, but by bringing this topic out in the open, we’re one step closer to solutions. Filling mental health gaps will require innovation and collaboration in equal measure – join us to find out how.

AGENDA | 28 November 2024

08.30 Registration

09.30 Opening

11.00 Break

11.30 Workshops

12.45 Lunch

14.15 Workshops

15.30 Break

16.00 Workshops

17.15 Break

17.45 Workshops

19.00 Break & walk to dinner

20.00 Dinner at San Mamés Stadium

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