Locura Erokeria Madness​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Day 1​​​

Day One of Impact Week takes an unflinching look at today’s mad world. It is reserved to Impact Europe members only.

First, we’ll paint a data-driven picture of it, by unveiling and discussing our new market sizing report. The reason of numbers has much to teach us about the unreasonable. Next, it’s time to show how our community’s initiatives in policy advocacy, market building and collective impact action are already working to put people and planet first. 


Impact people have their own special brand of madness, with its own quirks: there’s still competition between social and environmental impact, squabbles over impact returns versus financial returns, clashes between genders and generations. Day one will address how we can set these divisions aside and pull together to ensure tomorrow is less mad than today.

AGENDA | 27 November 2024

08.30 Impact Finance Crash Course

(registration required)

13.00 Registration & Lunch

14.00 Opening

15.30 Break

16.00 Breakouts

17.15 Break

17.45 Breakouts

19.00 Break & walk to dinner

20.00 Dinner at the Guggenheim Museum

(for Impact Europe members only)

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