Change gets supercharged this November in Torino


Impact Week brings together a committed community whose mission is accelerating positive change for people and planet. It's the place for purpose-driven leaders, silo breakers, synergy builders – impact people of Europe and beyond!


For impact people by impact people


At Impact Week, 1,000+ people and organisations from across the continuum of capital can find goals in common, connect and collaborate. We’re setting the stage for unexpected perspectives and innovative breakthroughs in impact finance, necessary to accelerate the journey, scale up what works and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together.


Talk of the block


It’s all happening in Turin, Italy – a city reborn to support big ideas – in partnership with Fondazione CRT and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

Expect a vibrant showing from Torino’s culture, food, art and tech scenes, brought together by Torino Social Impact and partners. All packed in 3 impact-full days, hosted by OGR, a space designed for innovators, together with Time2 Foundation and our content partner Cottino Social Impact Campus.


Impact Together


Mobilising capital for transformative change is the work of many – we need diverse voices to drive the conversation forward. We need all hands to push talk to action. And we need to act now to get our polycrisis world on track. Join us!


Put the ‘act’ in impact


It wouldn’t be Impact Week without real action and real change.


Navigate through the world’s crises


We’ll focus on outcomes, bridge work across sectors, expand mindsets and get all hands on deck to navigate through the world’s crises.


Get the lasting connections and learnings


We’ll ensure new actors in the impact finance space get the lasting connections and learnings they need to succeed.


Team up with those powering, accelerating and delivering impact


We’ll connect demand and supply, creating a unique hub for those powering, accelerating and delivering impact.


Take action!


We’ll bring the action. Partnerships: forming! Hands: shaking! Change: making! Barriers: breaking!





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