The Business of Impact

How can we create more coherence between business and impact agendas? How can we harness the power of deploying capital collectively?

C Summit 2022 takes these fundamental questions as a starting point to explore different ways for corporate social investors (CSIs) to make their impact faster and bolder.

Coherence between business and social impact agendas is a launchpad for companies to speed up on their trajectory to net-positive and for their social investing vehicles to pursue furthest impact strategies. There are many ways for a CSI to achieve coherence — more alignment, less alignment, both strategies work — but the stakes of today’s most crucial challenges demand a nuanced consideration of the overlaps and boundaries between business and impact. We’ll dive deep into those nuances and show a range of effective strategies in action.

Deploying capital collectively is a way for CSIs to find synergies, all the better to scale up and accelerate transformation. We’ll show what this looks like, highlighting trailblazing partnerships and addressing deeper questions on the nature of collaboration for CSIs.

Connect around the S in ESG: Exploring links between corporate philanthropy, social investing and ESG strategies is a top-of-agenda item for C Summit speakers and attendees alike. That's why devoted this year’s Corporate Initiative study and several programme slots to the ‘S’ in ESG. Together with C-level moderators and speakers. we’ll discuss connection points, current best practices and future avenues for driving more impact.

These are just a few of the discussion points for the C Summit’s diverse programme. We’ve assembled a who’s-who slate of C-level executives to cover every facet of the business of impact – all while making sure the boldest ideas and unexpected voices get a platform. Because ‘business as usual’ isn’t going to drive the change we need.

The Power of Together

The C Summit is central to the goals of Impact Week, offering a way for corporates to see the whole picture of impact – the better to make that picture a collaborative masterpiece.

The joint sessions will situate the role of CSIs in the broader context of the impact ecosystem and leverage corporate impact efforts to form meaningful coalitions around 10 action areas:

> Net-zero Prosperity: Reimagining prosperity and justice for all in a low-carbon economy.

> Future of Health: Reinventing health(care) ecosystems and enabling systems change for a healthy society.

> Impact Heroes: Meet the people driving new ideas, products, markets, business models and approaches to funding.

> Impact Cities: Building resilient, sustainable and inclusive urban future. Community level solutions.

> Impact United: Developing collaborative impact strategies for equitable and inclusive societies.

> Food: Accelerate innovation to build a future-fit, healthy and sustainable food system for all.

> Youth: Rethinking education and skills, labor market trends, digital and youth agendas.

> Smart Impact: Dive into EVPA’s mix of breakthrough research, eye-opening data, actionable learning and honest experience exchange to ignite innovation and build capacity. For everyone who lists learning as priority #1.

> Impact Synergies: Build peer-to-peer platforms to tackle critical social and environmental problems at scale – and change mindsets. For those seeking to make the right connections for more impact.

> Transformative Impact: Take on big issues. Study and celebrate systems change. Engage in meaningful dialogue on transformative finance, enabling regulatory frameworks and optimised public funding. See the wider picture and let your voice shape the debate!




Programme Highlights

Wednesday | 30 November

> Opening Conversation: Introducing the most crucial ideas and questions of the C Summit.

> The Business of Impact: C-Level executives present how their CSIs balance global impact visions with the purpose of their company.

> The Power of Collaboration: A diverse panel showcases the power of collaboration and mutual resources to deliver more impact. 

> C Summit Dinner at the Magritte Museum, a temple dedicated to the great master of quirky and unbelievable. 

Thursday | 1 December

> How CSIs contribute to the S of ESG agendas for their company? Participants discuss synergies between corporate social investing and ESG agendas.

> Three conversations on new crosspoints for business and impact strategies, including How CSIs contribute to the E(&S) of ESG agendas.

> 20 workshops examining the emergence of new solutions and coalitions to bring positive change at scale.

> Impact Week Dinner at Gare Maritime (bring on your most impactful dance moves).



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